Last Week In #CamembertSt B4 Heading to #SurbitonSofa for 3Months








Just Some Of What’s Happened ! Obvs There’s Lots More !

Well.! It’s finally here.? Hell yeah it’s arrived.? Yup.! The last week (Obvs Not the Last, I’ll Be Back On The 28th Dec, for a month B4 heading 2 India 4a Month) @ my gorgeous Frenchy home (Chez R&T) in #CamembertSt Vineyard Land has started. One Week today (Thursday 4th Sept 2014) I will be Schlepping the 8/9 hour road trip towards LondonTownShire in Engerlandy ! Once inside the metropolis that is LondonTownShire I have exactly 1 week to visit friends before starting Moi JL Seasonal worky job thing. Yep.! #SurbitonSofa starts 2 weeks today..! But what a last week it’s been and it still isn’t over..!

Frenchy Horse Racing..!!

Yup..! Hell Yeah I did, Yep.! I only Frickern, Freaking, Frigging went Frenchy horse racing last night @ Montignac, (Frenchy Village Near #CamembertSt ) though obvs not to win Moi fortune, or even a pocket full. In fact I never won a Cent, In FactO, the nearest Moi horse came to anyFink near a win, was 4th place & unfortunately, there aint nuffink for 4th place,  anyTime, anyWhere, anyPlace.! Fortunately the night was accompanied by Gr8 food, Gr8 company, though notso Gr8 Drinkies Coz I’m on a Detox.! ….Only 3 More weekends left until I hit LondonTownShire, in that there Engerlandy-Land. #HorseRacing

Not Long Till London..!!

Gosh.! Not long until I once again Schlep 2 London 2Do Moi JL Worky stuff, well in fact its Sept 11th that I start Moi long Schlep. #SurbitonSofa Here I cometh.

Perpignan Schlep 2014

Yup..! Back from Perpignan & Various Other Places…Schlep.! Was gonna write sumink, but due to being kinda fatigued apres 1000 mile “Roadtrip” Thought I’d Just Post a few photo’s 4now.

Road Trip…!

Yup..! On a little self indulgent road trip 2 C Moi cousin in Perpignan & also visit Spain 4The day..! Any hoops, we eventually arrived in Perpignan après a Looongish drive from #CamembertSt , Well JRD drove, I Was passenger DJ and conversation maker. Any hoop, we’re here, we’ve done dinner on the beach, had drinkys and now I’m fatigued, though Obvs there will B more & Loads of Photo’s..!

Got Visitors.!!!

Yup..! Guess that’s what happens when you live in France..! Just Gotta say..? Been V-Busy & will be for another 10 days..! So..intrigued..? As I am…then follow, coz après this, I have 4 weeks @ home before I head for London, then India ..!!

Reiss Ellesse & #PlanetBubblegum


“The only difference between the saint and the sinner is that every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future”

Frenchy Wedding Went Just Swell…?

Well…? The Frenchy wedding in Gourville went…Just Swell, In factO, it almost went better than Swell, It was on the verge of becoming an enjoyable success. Though the rain, well in actual factO, the Tiny Tsunami, Forward Slash intense thunderstorm almost turned what was going to be a serene outdoor affair, into an extremely cramped “Situation” of indoor bizarreness. Fortunately the inclement weather ceased once the wedding party Arrived and it was then all hands to deck, (Metaphorically) well all hands with a cloth to start drying the tables. Once the 50 Frenchy’s eventually arrived, they all stampeded outside, picked a table, sat down and started drinking & drinking &, yes, Drinking, while the starter just sat there tempting the flies as well as the hired help. 40 minutes après their arrival & after some tormenting the Frenchy’s finally started eating the starter, which meant JRD could start on the main meal. The main meal was CURRY..! Yup.! We’ve finally got our Frenchy friends eating CURRY, Though Obvs not as Hot as we English like. Unfortunately, like all good plans, they don’t Frickern work and après the Frenchy’s had eaten their starter, they sat Drinking again, until we tormented them into the Main meal. This pattern also happened during the Cheese course, the sweet course and the café & Brandy course, suffice to say, Moi & JRD didn’t return to Chez R&T until way past 12Midinght. Luckily we weren’t that tired and left before all the Frenchy’s pulled out the Harmonica’s & Accordions, opened the Cognac and started singing, dancing and drinking the night away. Now Today…Sunday..! Moi & JRD are ORRff 2 a Brocante (Frenchy Boot Sale) Art festival & Then Swimming, Hopefully we’ll make all three.

Frenchy Wedding Party In Gourville..!

Well.! “What Are You Doing This Weekend Reiss Ellesse” I hear Ya’ll think, or @ least I presume Ya’ll are thinking, or @ the very least wondering-Ish.? Well I’ll tell Ya’ll what I’m doing. I’m only Frickern helping JRD feed 50 Frenchy’s @ Moi friends café/bar in Gourville, a village just outside #CamembertSt , in Vineyard Land, France, where I live. Yup.! 50 carzy Frenchy’s are gonna be fed & watered, though I’m guessing it’ll be Vino Calapso & Ricard as apposed 2 Water après the wedding of the year in #CamembertSt ! Though It’s probably not the “Wedding Of The Year” that Quote was only used in jest when 1st speaking to the Bride & Groom about their wedding plans, as a bit of reverse phycology just in case they thought JRD’s wedding planning ideas weren’t up to scratch. Unfortunately the quote has stuck and JRD has been reminded of it every time JRD’s seen them, in whatever location, surroundings or situations. So.! Looks like the wedding party will have to be Fantabulous, which no doubt it will, well that’s if the weather holds up, which I’m sure it will. Hopefully we’ll all be done by Midnight, well that’s when I’m expecting the crazy drunkard (They Will Be Drunk) Frenchy’s to have had enough and wanting to go home. Also I’m hoping that the accordion doesn’t come out and they start singing Frenchy songs, because if that happens, then we’ll be there until sunrise. So! That’s what I’m doing Saturday, How about you..?image